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A delightful little game!
It's very relatable, and instructive without having to be bleak. 

Very excited to play a full game like this someday! Good luck with development <3


loooooooove it!!!!!!!!

loved the art style, it's so cute and fun!

when katy stood up for jay, it was so heartwarming

i loved getting jay to stand up for himself too

just a lovely experience!


very cute! its a pretty authentic and relatable story that makes sense, im very excited for the rest of the game! :DDD


super cute! jay’s story is very relatable. i’m so hyped for the rest of the game :)

Oh I'm so hyped for the rest of this game. It's really good to see all the different relationships Jay has and how they conflict or don't with his identity, and everyone feels like their own individual. It's gonna be great.

Hello. I'm sorry, I see it's a playtesting version, so I guess it would be better if I tell you I got a problem with the game ? I clicked on chapter 1, and after 5 minutes of nothing, my computer told me the game crashed. Which is a bit sad, because it's looks completely awesome and I want to play it  =D. at worst I will wait for the final release. But I will play your game !!

Ahhh thank you so much for telling me! I'll look into it ASAP.

Ok everything seems to work for me. It might just be that your computer didn't have enough memory space. Because this is a prototype it is not very optimized so it takes up a looot of memory.
Maybe you could try closing all other programs before starting the game?


So, it took me a little while for heavy schedule reason, But I finally had the occasion to try again. And it worked. so I played the first chapter. And it was awesome. I love the drawing, and the dynamics. I am looking forward for the rest ! Thank you for this game


Really loved this. As a trans guy in a similar situation(minus a sister), Jay felt really relatable, as did the situations he was in. Great work, great writing, can't wait to see where this goes!