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Okay so I've only done Sams ending so far but this game looks super cutee ^.^

Thank you so much!


this was super sick. ty!! <3

Thank you!

 know i'm late to the party, but i just can't find an instrument for Mr Taylor. But other than that, i absolutely adore this

it's the grass trumpet in the garden cabin :)
thank you for playing!

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This is such an amazingly cute game! (The queerness radiates off of it) I have only gotten Kitty, Sam, and Wiebe's routes, but am currently trying to seduce Ms. Leon! I love this so much, and I showed it to my friends and we are now hooked.


Edit: Just got Taylor's end. Never before in a game have I had to give an old man a fabulous wig and viagra.

Thank you so much for letting me know you and your friends like the game!! And yes everything I do must be radiatingly queer haha

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Even if it wasn't direct, it was so obvious, my gay-dar was going off every second of playing it! Although I really shouldn't be, I'm kind of obsessed and I have been playing this in school. Don't worry though I am a good student

This is such a compliment omg. I remember having those games i played in school because I couldn't put them down. I never thought one of my games would ever be like that for someone. I'm crying. Thank you so much!


I am so so so happy that just simple compliments I give out when happy have this kind of effect. Stay safe, I want to see more games from you🌺


This game is awesome, It's hard to beat it tho ( I know it's crazy but it's true) It's hard to reach an ending I have no idea where anything is!

I just made a discord server :D
If you join you we can help you with every single problem :)


I have played all but one ending and loved it (The nurse's ending broke my heart) but I can't figure out what the edgy thing Demayo wants. No one else seemed to have this problem and there was nothing in the read me guide, so it seems i'm just the idiot, though i would really like to be able to finish their route

Ohh I'm so sorry. I should have included that in the read me! You have to show them your diary. Because you're super emo haha


I love this game dude! It makes me think of Bingo Love! I think my favorite ending is Mx. DeMayo!! (Although I'm not sure cause I didn't finish Ms. Mao's, I couldn't find the dirty cat haha) But seriously, awesome characters and especially awesome game!!

Thank you so much!! Aaah I didn't know Bingo Love before. This looks so cute! The dirty cat is burried in the garden btw ;) You can hear it meow when you're above it.


This was super cute! I played with my friends and we had lots of fun! <3

Thank you so much! It's really good to hear that the game is fun as a group activity :D

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Such a cute game. I finished all the endings without help (though finding Wiebe's flower in Lenora's route was a pain, I kept looking for something exotic... Specifically Japanese). Nurse Wiebe's is my favorite, but the ending is so sad. I feel so bad for him... I may need to write fanfiction so he meets someone new. >.>

!!! If you write fan fiction for this I swear I'm going to cry!
Thank you so much for your nice words and if you do write something you have to definitely send me a link!


Hehe, I'll be sure to do that!


This is a cute game! Got all the endings but was stumped on the nurse's, needed to check the readme guide for that. And oof his ending hurts the most. Meanwhile Taylor's lines are gold. Thank you for this short game!

That's so nice to hear
thank you for your kind words!

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hey so my game is stuck on the home page. whenever i try to press "new game," it shows that it's getting clicked but it doesnt do anything. my mouse isn't showing either. i dont think anyone else has had this problem recently, seeing the recent reviews. i really wanna play this game but i cant ):

edit- i also tried on my laptop and it does the same thing ):

Are you pressing enter? Mouse inputs are disabled in the game. You only use the keyboard :)

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sorry for the very late reply. thank you so much! i didnt try the keyboard, so thank you. lots of love <33

also, happy birthday to this game! it's one year old now ((:

Yes it is thank you so much for noticing!! <3


That was very sweet and cute! I loved it. But the ending with the nurse made me cry so much ;(

Thank you for making a lovely game!

Thank you for making this lovely comment! Always good to hear when someone enjoyed the game :D


I really enjoyed this game :) I felt kinda weird doing the Ms.Leon route. She looks and talks like a older version of me lol


Haha omg. Really glad you can relate to her! I hope your garden will be just as beautiful! haha

someone please tell me what comes next for the male nurse! i give him the comic, then the gameboy, then nothing else works! someone help

you have to dig up the puppet by the tomatoes. You can get the shovel in the gardenhouse :)


I played all the routes in one sitting, doing the nurses first. My heartttttttttttttt


Super adorable game! I loved all the route's also i i adore the art style so much^^


Thaaank you! Be sure to rate it and tell your friends about it!


day 50: still on top of the wall in the garden. 

how do i get down


I already knew what was coming when I started the nurses little scavenger hunt but that didn't prepare me for the sharp pain that hit when the end game screen came up :''(  Either way, this game is funny and cute and the references made me smile. All the ending diary entries were delightful and although the game is short, I enjoyed playing through it. 


As someone who works in a nursing home, it's always really sweet to see some of the residents forming friendships or romances between each other! This really touched my heart and I love this dating sim so much. :)


This comment really touched MY heart! I'm super happy my game connected with you! Thanks for the love.

i played all the endings and thoroughly enjoyed the game! it was super fun and cute! are you going to be working on a new game soon? 

Heeey thank you so much for your comment. You just made my day!
Yeah I'm currently tinkering with an idea but I don't have anything to show just yet. If you want to be updated just follow me here on itch or over on twitter @thePhilipCal.

If you haven't already I'd really appreciate if you rated the game :D


that nurse ending messed me up


Haha I'm sorry. I hope you played one of the more cheerful endings as well.

hello !!  i really like your game, it's super cool <3 i was super happy when i saw there was a character using they/them !! i got all the endings except with Wiebe and uuh i came across a bug, i dunno if it's a bug that could happen again or not, i need to see if it happens again. i was a lil' stuck cause i didn't know besides the two items in the main rooms what i was supposed to do, so i checked the read me. i really didn't think about digging stuff but ay nice :> but uh here goes the problem : it looks like i must have done it at the wrong spot because the character got stuck in the decor... could only move on the decor around (house, roses, wall) and wouldn't go on the normal floor, and actually disappear when i go on the tomatoes 

so what i'm gonna do rn is reset the game and do the same things i did to see if the glitch happens again wheezes

-----back from it, i tried 3 other times. when on the spot in front of the item, there's no problem, tho the two other time i was past its spot and got stuck there and couldn't move the character other than doing turns on the same spot. so i think it's ??? worth telling you fdhbfhdb i guess, i hope i'm not actually showing something that's been fixed that i didn't notice wheezes 

but anyway !! beside that i really had a lotta fun doing the game <3 i need to finish the last one with the nurse but yeah uwu the game is amazing !!


post nurse ending : i'm not crying, you're crying.

This is just the sweetest comment! Thank you so much for taking the time to report this! I will look into it!
Thank you for your kind words! Please tell your friends about the game, rate it and share it!

aah yw hun :'D 


me and my valentine played with all characters on valentines day we loved it, and i just created an account to be able to write this comment! thank you for this lovely game, we had an amazing time uwu

Thank you so much for this comment! You can't imagine how much it means to me that you chose to play this on this special day with a special person <3


I love this game, so cute and made me smile and laugh!! You can tell that a lot of care went into this game!!


Thank you so much! I'm really glad you appreciate the love I put into this!

For some reason every time i get an ending it looks like this: :(((

This was a bug in Version 2.3. It should have been fixed in 2.4. The version you're playing should bewritten on the title screen's upper right corner. If it's 2.3 just download the new version. If not I somehow didn't fix the issue?
please report back to me! :)

OH! thank you so much !! It was my mistake i had the 2.3 version


The diary in this route was extremely cute with the little easter eggs and all! while i was playing the Nurse Wiebe route, i was wondering how the ending is going to be cause all the others have the two characters buried together.  And the scene for the ending pop up and i was devastated :(((( HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO MY FEELINGS?!?

Btw i really appreciate you leaving a guide in there! it help alot. anyway, REALLY like the game~ Keep up the great work!!!

AH hahaha! I'm really glad you like it! The nurse ending always breaks everyone's heart. Thanks for the nice words! Be sure to leave a rating if you liked it :)

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So... I really like the game (gameplay, music, design are all great!) but there's an error at the end on the Linux version. :(

[screenshot removed]

Thank you so much for telling me! I'm fixing it right now!

Ok should be fixed now. If you haven't played through all the questlines yet you can just download the new version and keep playing :)
Again thank you so much for telling me!


No problem. I'm looking forward to getting all the different endings now! (I also removed the screenshot, just in case it was a little spoilery.) 

You're an angel, seriously! Thank you so much!


So I played this with my best friend and this game is incredible! I loved the various endings and I think you did a fantastic job! I hope one of my own days has this heart one day!!


This game is so cute I loved playing it =)

ill be honest im bad at puzzles! still enjoyed the game! last minute love- 6:18

do you know where the read me button is? Sorry, i'm horrible at navigation. Btw, this game is A_M_A_Z_I_N_G!

it's a read me.txt file in the zip folder. It's not inside the game itself :)

Thanks for the nice words. I'm glad you like it!

Is there a walkthrough? I'm the biggest dummy and can't figure some routes out!

there is a guide in the read me file :)


Thank you so much! Excuse my idiocy haha i love your game <3

this means so much! 


This is such a gosh darn creative game and I love it *unholy screeching* <3

Aaahaha thank you so much. I'm glad you like it!


Yay! I just finished and I'm so proud of myself. Go me, ended up with Sam. Pretty extra. Also, loved all of the easter eggs like the avatar the last air bender refrence, or the flower things! Great job Philip.

Also just played again and ended up with the old dude. So fun, great game!


Yes I had to come up with so many references haha Glad you appreciate it! Thanks for the comment :)


This was cute! I liked that you had to think about what each character wanted, and they were all distinctly different. I'm happy with who I ended up with! Good job!

wow oh my gosh thank you so much! I'm so flattered. I tweeted your let's play. What's your twitter handle?

Oh I don't have a twitter but I would appreciate it if you told people to subscribe!

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I don't know what I was expecting when I started playing this but I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoy this game! Thank you for creating it. It's fun, cute, and makes me laugh!

AAAAAWWW thank you so much for telling me this! Seeing people enjoying my game brings me so much joy!


So excited for you! Hopefully many people will support the game, it's well deserved~


Thank you so much! I'm excited too!!