In this Adventure Dating Sim you play an old person who doesn't want to die alone. Romance any of the 4 residents or the nurse. Bring them items they've lost or help them with their troubles. Will you be able to find Love?

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I actually started crying at Wiebe's ending, bro why did u do that to me. :C

love the game btw


I got all the endings, my favorites have to be Nurse Wiebe and Taylor. I love the reference to the Shinji meme and I love "They died doing what they loved: Each other"


Where do I find the gameboy for the nurse ending?

How you start the game ?

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click spacebar


Does anyone know what to give Demayo to make him feel angrier?

the tv

Replacement 4 de cord

yarn in the cat lady's room

its the veteran suit he rambles aboour how he doesnt like war\

This was such a fun and cute game. I thought I would share my vod from when I streamed Last Minute Lave. I absolutely loved every minute.


Were is all the kitties

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dirty cat is in the dirt, you have to dig it out

sleepy cat is on top of Tayler

hungry cat is in your room, you have to give it food

smelly cat is in the trash can


i love you


This is an absolutely amazing game. The character designs are immaculate, the characters are hilarious, and the ending are so amazing. (I'm not sure how to describe the emotion they give me, happy-sad.) Mr. Taylors ending was really funny, but my favorite ending has to be Lenora's ending. I also loved Mrs. Mao's ending as well!!!! 

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Got Mx. DeMayo's ending first try...... FUCK YEAH!


For some reason it won't let me pick up the action figure by the tomatoes, I've tried to replay but it still won't let me???


I'M CRYING the ending with the nurse was heartbreaking


What do I have to give DeMayo on they first assignment?


Your diary

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ok im going to edit this everytime i get to a ending and the first ending was with the sweet lady with cats and my eyes are watering so much becuse of how wholesome this ending is i get to join her little cat family and help her take care of her cats im crying happpy tears omg.......

(tw im venting about how i relate to Lenoras anger issues and about my childhood trauma and how it made it to where i struggled and still struggle with my emotions my second ending was the Lenora ending and again its a very sweet i loved it and as someone with mental health issues and is still trying to find healthier ways to cope with my emotions sense part of my childhood i was in a household where my granmda and her ex boyfriend would always be agrue and he would hurt her and break things and as a 10 year old child i saw this and though this was normal behvoir  that was ok becuse i looked up to them so i had and still have issues with being angry to where when i get angry i will completly shut down becuse im scared im going to hurt someone or that im a bad person for being angry and then that angre would turn into fear and then i will have a panic and tire myself out causing me go into depressive epiosde feeling worthless and like a horrible person just becuse i had normal emotions (oop- i had a lot to say about her but i adore her and i just understand also if anyone relates to what i said just know your emotions are valid and your not a bad person for emotions you just have to find healthy ways to cope with those emotions which isent always easy and you will most likely make mistakes becuse of those emotions and all you can really do is try to learn grow from your mistakes )

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decied to make a reply but with the two endings being so sweet and wholesome i was not expecting Taylors ending but i respect it and im happy i could help cheer him up and help him feel better so in opinion this is also a great ending

my third ending was bad ass omg love sams ending if im ever in a nursery home i wanna start a nursery home band XD becuse thats a vibe honestly

my last ending i love how cringey the nurse is and his ending is the saddest sense i obviously died before him but did this man really decied to bring a chair and sit it in front of my grave just so he can do that pose in the chair love the dedication and all but why? its funny but your lover dies and your just like "wait hold on i need to get this chair so i can do a dramtic anime pose" also sense he was very much obviously the cringey weeb i joking named my character Edgar senpai not expecting that one of words you can actally here him say would be "senpai"

final thought loved the game and the ending where amazing i liked them all 

my faviorte ending has to be lenoras becuse i related it to it so much

my second the cat lady becuse i get to join a cat family

third faviorte sams becuse if got to be part of a nursery home band which is not only a amazing vibe but iconic

fourth is the cringey weebs nurses ending but becuse i actally thought it was wholesome and adorble but becuse of how silly and goofy it is

and my least faviorte (which isent saying much becuse i love all the ending and i had trouble decing how i wanted order the last two 

and i cant rank the characters themselves becyse they are so differnt and i have differnt reasons why i adore them so much (i hope you dont mind i going to ramble a lot more this game just made me so happy i will just make sure to keep it in my thread i already have and im going to be reccomending this game to as many people that i can)

ok the art style was amazing and the chracters despite being so differnt i adore all of them and cant say which is my faviorte 

but i can ramble what makes me like the starting with the cat lady i feel like if i met her irl i wouldent be to sure of her but i would admitally want to help her take care of her cats and thats how we would end up bonding becuse as someone who loves animals so much i can understand that her cats mean everything to her and i respect that so much and even though she seems really judgemental at times as shown when your doing Lorenas quests she she was able to admit her judgements where wrong and help her by letting us use the yarn which could be diffuclt for people espeasily some elders who are stuck in their ways and refuse to admiy when they are wrong so i also respect that I would rate her a 10/10 cats becuse shes willing grow

I love Lorena i not only relate to her the most but despite her anger issues shes clearly just a kind person who struggles with their negative emotions and im so happy she disovered that gardening helped her feel better and that shes so passionate again i rate her a 10/10 flowers

i adore taylor and i understand that hes been through so much i mean he had to deal with war and now has ptsd so of course hes not going to be cheerful but im so happy i could help him be more happy i rate him a 10/10 viagras 

the cringe weeb is very annoying but so silly goofy where i wouldent like him in irl becuse i feel like if hes not already a nice guy he runs the risk of becoming one but sense his ending is so cringey to where its funny i will give him a 8/10 uwus

wait why i cant i see the other comments  i made did  I accidently delete them just know i adore this game and it has to be one of my new faviorts


I got all the endings, great game! I loved it so much! My favorites were Lenora and Taylor<33


Decided to make an account just to say I absolutely loved this game, all the characters are very well made and have such different personalities and endings.
My fav easter egg(?) has to be the pearl point in our diary on the nurses end!


ikrrr i also love the fluttershy one (why does this have 2 down votes)






"too bad my little soldier doesn't salute on its own anymore" PFFFT




Buff gardener lady with tattoos and flowers (I found my new type)

so true bestie

Waring spoilers 

its the yarn




i love this game :')



They died doing what they loved: eachother. Truly inspiring.

i can not figure out for the life of me what mx. demayo rages onnn. pls help :<

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The piggy bank


can't play bc there's no cursor on the screen :(


you don't need a cursor. you control with WASD or arrow keys :)


Bro I need full version of Sam's rock song fr to add to my spotify playlist

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How do you put things back down once you pick them up?      -nvm I GOT IT!!

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WHERE IS THAT DAMN CAT IN THE GARDEN IWEHIYGF ALL I HEAR IS "meow meow meow mewo" OJEDIHLWJK           -Nevermind I Found It




ikrrr sense you could grab the lipstick i wanted to see if i could convince to let me do his make sadily it didnt let me


pls this game is SO COOL i loved playing with all of them i cant even have favourites njvenjdfj also SAM WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO NAME THE BAND 'THE HEARTATTACKS' good lord sam </3

This game is AMAZING!! I love the vfx and sfx. The music and art make this game feel comforting in the same way that Stardew Valley does. I played through the dating sim of course, but I have to say, what I loved the most actually had nothing to do with the story. I LOVED being able to interact with literally every single object ever and get to hear my character's thoughts about them. Especially the little easter eggs like  "It's a mango" and then you pick it up and it's a manga, or "Pokey-man" instead of Pokémon. These little things are things that everyone can relate to hearing from older people, so it was fun to experience those references but then also hear the thoughts of my character, like that they felt more ancient than the game console, etc. It really humanizes the mistakes that older people make when referencing modern pop culture stuff. Tl;dr loved it!


So cute! I love how dynamic each interaction feels. Love the cats, can never have too many cats. Each character is so distinct and genuinely lovable.

Super peaceful game! Although I only finished the game for one partner, I'm excited to know that there's so many other paths out there for me to try! It's nice to have an open-ended game — it feels rewarding for me. Can be a little tricky sometimes, but doable and rewarding at the end.


Loved this game! The art and writing are both super cute and cozy. I hope the dev doesn't mind, but I sat down and made a guide for all routes, since I know I had some trouble during my playthrough. Spoilers are hidden until you're ready to see them. It is a lil uggo but yes.

thank youuuu so much for this guide!!! <3


This game is beautiful and I just finished all of the endings!! Great work!!! <3 <3 <3

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how do you get taylor's "trumpet" for the band..?


get the grass from that shed outside and then boom trumpet. 

ahh okay!!

the tombstones are hilarious but why is wiebe's ending so sad 😭😭

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Low-key almost cried at his ending fr

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