In this Adventure Dating Sim you play an old person who doesn't want to die alone. Romance any of the 4 residents or the nurse. Bring them items they've lost or help them with their troubles. Will you be able to find Love?

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how do i get the wiebe ending? i gave him all his stuff but what do i need to do now

you need to give him your savings so he can afford to quit :D



AAh thank you so much! <3<3


I've sent it to my friends it's so fun!!! I was pleasantly surprised by the genuine diversity and charm of the game :333

Thank you for noticing! I put a lot of effort into making the cast diverse on multiple levels. And thank you for sharing! This is honestly the highest compliment  😭



How do I find the muddy cat?


You have to get the shovel from the cabin and dig it out :)


i am DEFINITELY not crying over Wiebe’s ending. definitely not hahaha :)))

i love this game, it’s super sweet and wholesome :)


pls help i dont know what to do after you give the nurse his game console

nvm i got it

how do you get a trumpet for Mr. taylor

it's the grass trumpet in the garden shack :)

what flower does Mr taylor want


he's allergic so he needs the cauliflower haha

I can't boot the game!

Have you downloaded it or are you playing the browser version?

I'm trying to play the browser version because I don't have the most space on my computer

what happens when you click on play? just black screen?

It doesn't let me click on play


I thought this was a very cute game. It really drew me in, and I found it was very entertaining running around trying to find things that the different residents would like. I liked the relaxing nature of this game, and I highly recommend it.


I felt the game had really great attention to detail throughout the nursing home. The characters were all unique and different in style, personality, and friendliness. The game did a great job of showcasing the difficulty elderly people face in finding love at the end of their life. The only limitation I faced was the size of the premises, but I feel this confined space was reflective of the reality elderly face. They must try to find love within the restricted and limiting confines of the nursing home. Overall, I really enjoyed the game!

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It was a bit uneventful in my opinion. The ability to interact with objects and speak to people was a nice addition and the cat room with the purring and meowing was calming. However, the limited space itself felt very confining as the character. It grew to be repetitive. I did also like the each of the flowers talking. I think this could have also just been the insanely serene and relaxing audio. 


i loved this game is was so baddie so good make more game so good so baddie so my love u know know



The sprite work is amazing!! I can tell a lot of love went into this and a lot of fun was had. :)

Thank you for appreciating it!

I cant get the gardner ending for some reason?

what do you need? at what stage of their questline are you? :)

Well I think to get the fertilizer I need to combine something but I dont know how to do that, sorry for asking but im a at a wall here

you need to give her the cat poop :D

Try taking the cow poop from Ms. Mao's room :)

it would be pretty distrubing for Ms. Mao to have cow poop in her room hahaha


Well, now this is just embarrassing. Ignore what I said, my brain was buffering.

i picked up a cat and dont know how to put it down!!!!!

just pick up anything else with q and the cat will go back to its original location :D


I just completed the entire game and did all endings and the nurse ending... im crying omg

Deleted 97 days ago

what do you do after you give him the game console?




Thank you for crushing my soul in the nurse ending


You're very welcome! haha


I'm in love with this game! It's a little bit silly for sure, but at the same time really makes you feel a lot even with the little game mechanics (ex. only being able to move slowly and kind of having to take your time and pay attention to the people around you). Thank you!

aaah thanks for that comment! it makes me really happy when the slow movement comes across as deliberate because it was! I know for some it can be really annoying and "forcing" the player to take their time doesn't always work but I'm really glad you understood what I was going for! :D


Im back and I'm here to say the nurses ending pulled out my heart and threw it on the ground after gently comforting me I swear to god


what do you do after giving him the game console


I really didn't think I would like this game as much as I liked, all the endings were fun and kinda sad at the same time, I had a really nice time playing.

And as a nonbinary person, it makes me really to see a character like me, and seeing the other characters respecting their pronouns.

Now i'm going to stop here, because if I start talking about all the things I liked i'm going to end up writing more than I should <3


Thank you so much for your comment! I always strive for diversity and good representation in my stories and hearing that Sam has resonated with you means so much to me. <3

Thank you for playing!

how do you save

press escape and then save and quit. i think in the browser version it doesn't quit but it should be saved :)



Yours truly, Johnny Dollar.

haha oi maybe I should have chosen something else.

I just got the Ms. Leon ending! u would not believe how many flowers have been picked! It's so cute! Imma tell my friends about this game! UwU I have now gotten all the endings.

AAH Thank you!! Yes I know some favorite flowers are really abstract to find out haha

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I'm having difficulty in finding Ms. Mao's favourite flower

there is a hint to what it is in her room :D

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Thank you

Well just finished the game and this is the delightful thing I've played! Well done^_^👏

Thank you so much!

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Hi, I love your game! I trying to get the Ms. Mao ending, but I can't seem to find the cat labeled "Dirty Cat." Could someone maybe help me out a bit? ^-^

you have to dig it up with the shovel you find in the shack. :D equip it and then go down in the garden until you hear a meow sound. then dig :)


Thank you so much! your games is so cool by the way! :3

Thank you for playing and liking it!!


I mean shoot, if I wasn't into old people before...;{)

I'm crying!! Thank you so much for playing my game. It's a delight to watch you play :D
Also that thumbnail is hilarious! haha

It was a delight to play! I'm gladcyou enjoyed it! :{D

I also watched your bedroom cover and it's super cute. You're a really good singer!!

Hey! I love this game, but I'm a bit stuck.. I'm trying to get Mx Demayo's route, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to give the others for instruments? I gave Ms Mao the piggy bank which worked, and then I gave the pot to Lenora but it seems that she needs another thing too? and I have no idea what to give Mr Taylor.

Taylor needs a grass straw from the shack to play grass trumpet on it :D
I think the pot is enough for Lenora.

Thank you so much!


wiebe's ending card... oh my god

I CANT CLICK ON THE THINGS-  am i the only one experincing this?-

you don't click on the things you use the arrow keys or WASD and enter :D

oh oki thank you! ^^



can I have help? I really wanna get the Nurse`s ending! I already know how to get the manga and the gaming thing but I have no clue what to get next and how to get it, I tried clicking around lots of places, help would be appreciated!


the last thing you have to find for him is burried by the tomatoes.
you have to get the shovel from the shack and dig it up :)


is the game on the front page right now or somehtin? I'm getting so much traffic but I can't find out why

I found it on the lgbtq tag, maybe thats why? :D

ah thank you so much


Bro, I wasn't expecting to love Sam so much oml. They are literally so awesome, I can't?!

Right? haha Sam and Lenora (the one in the garden) are the ones I added after the game jam so I could really take my time and polish their story lines and their dialogue. :D


I thought the game was pretty cool! I didn't get all the endings in this video but I might do a part two were I get the remaining endings. I have been wanting to make a game for awhile but have been scared for some reason. This inspires me more to make one! 

Here is the link to my gameplay if you want to see it, though there is no mic


AAh you're making me cry! Yes definitely make some games! It's a lot of fun and seeing other people play your games is sooo rewarding! Thank you so much!


Really fun game. I loved it. I have gotten all endings except for the soldier one. I can't figure out what i have to give him for his little soldier. But i really liked the game. My fav is probably sam. 

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aah thank you so much!
you have to find the key under the doormat in front of Mao's door and open up the medicine cabinet and give him what's inside.


This was so fun! i did get stuck trying to finish all routes, but hey it was the last one and it was most likely my fault ha. 

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